Please feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries that cannot be solved by the frequently asked questions.

Can anyone borrow it?

We are very sorry, but we are limited to customers who are 23 years old or older. In addition, we will give priority to family reservations.

We would like to share the deeper enjoyment and joy with our customers by making their hobby “life with a camper”.
We want more customers to use the camper in a long and comfortable environment, and of course we do daily maintenance and cleaning, but above all, we want many customers to treat it carefully. We believe that it will lead to a satisfying environment, so we appreciate your understanding.

Isn’t it difficult to drive?

Campers are often seen as large vehicles, but in most cases they are treated as ordinary vehicles. You should always pay attention to the height, but if you drive a normal car frequently, you can get used to the width of the car immediately.

The camper vans we have prepared are called “Jill”, which is said to be the royal road of camper vans, but the base is based on the car called “Cam Road” made by Toyota. Even when compared with the same Toyota’s popular model “Alphard”, I do not feel a special size numerically.

Jill Alphard
length 499 cm 491 cm
width 212 cm 185 cm
height 293 cm 185 cm
Minimum turning radius 490 cm 560 cm
Riding capacity 10 people 8 people

Is the highway charge large?

No, you can use it at the regular car rate.

Since ETC is installed on the vehicle, the charge will be automatically added as a regular vehicle. It seems that most parking lots are treated as ordinary cars and charges are added.

Can I use electricity and heating even if the engine is stopped?

The camper is equipped with a sub-battery for camper equipment in addition to the main battery that is also installed in ordinary cars. By using this electric power, you can use the electric machine and refrigerator while stopping the engine.
Please contact us for details as the electric capacity and charging performance vary depending on the model.
In addition, even if the power is low, it is charged while driving, so you can use it with confidence for long-term travel planning.
The heating is equipped with a Babest FF heater that can be used even if the engine is turned off, so you can rest in a warm environment without starting the engine even in parking lots such as ski resorts.

Can I pick up my camper by car?

Okay. It’s okay. You will be asked to stop your car (one ordinary car) in place of the rental camper. However, please note that we are not responsible for the management of the vehicle such as theft of the parked vehicle or an accident.

Can I bring my pet?

It is possible to use it on some vehicles.
However, we have set certain conditions for use, so About pet riding “.
In addition, smoking in the car is prohibited for all models due to the idea of ​​maintaining the environment.

How many people can be used at one time?

“Riding capacity” and “sleeping capacity” differ depending on the vehicle type. We recommend that the number of people actually riding is less than the capacity.

Vehicle type Riding capacity Sleeping capacity
Vantec ZIL 10 people 10 people
SAKURA made by Japan Special Body Co., Ltd. 8 people 6 people
Kato Motor Co., Ltd. DD CREW 7 people 5 people + 1 child
Nuts MIRAGE 7 people 6 people
Nuts CRESSON 7 people 6 people
Nuts CRESSON 4WD diesel 7 people 6 people
AtoZ AMITY rear entrance 8 people 4 people
AtoZ AMITY rear bunk bed 6 people 6 people
AtoZ ALEN 6 people 2 people + 3 children
MYS Mystic Mini POP Bee 4 people 4 people

The above is the capacity setting by the manufacturer.

How much luggage can you put in?

It is not advisable to bring too much luggage inside the camping car. There are several storages that can be loaded from the outside, and barbecue sets, chairs and tables, etc. can be stored there, but basically it is better to have as little luggage as possible so that you can enjoy a comfortable life with a camper. I will.

Do I need to bring my futon?

The camper does not have any equipment other than the equipment attached to the vehicle.
When you go to bed, please prepare a “sleeping bag”, “blanket”, “towel bucket”, etc. according to the season.

You also need to prepare consumables such as chopsticks and plates to use for eating and drinking.

How should I settle the balance?

The difference from the deposit amount at the time of reservation will be fully settled at the time of lending. You can pay by cash on the day, or you can use the smartphone payment application “PayPay” or credit card.

How will the reservation fee be paid?

Please confirm the contents of the reservation reception email and complete the procedure by bank transfer.

[Use Nerima Main Store]
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Musashiseki Branch
Ordinary 6921126 Ixie Resort Co., Ltd.

[Use Higashi Sumida base]
Japan Net Bank Business Sales Department
Normal 4089453 Camping Car Gate Tokyo

The balance will be settled in cash on the day of loan.
If you wish to pay by credit card, you can also use the credit card payment external service to complete the procedure.

If you wish, please let us know at the time of booking.

What time does the return time correspond?

We will flexibly respond to the return time according to the customer’s convenience. Even if it is returned at 21:00 or 22:00 in the travel plan, we will do our best to accommodate it. Please feel free to contact us.

I want to tour the vehicle

It is also possible to visit the vehicle in advance. However, there are many cases where you cannot visit the vehicle smoothly because the vehicle you want is rented out or the vehicle is stored in another place, so it is very troublesome, but please contact us in advance for the vehicle tour. , Please adjust the schedule. It will be smooth if you apply from the inquiry form .

Can I drive with an ordinary driver’s license?

Most models can be driven with an ordinary driver’s license (gross vehicle weight less than 3.5 tons). However, only our “SAKURA made by Japan Special Body Co., Ltd.” Semi-medium-sized driver’s license (gross vehicle weight less than 7.5t * Link to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department page) or higher license is required. Please see the table below for details. The car we have prepared is an AT (automatic) car, so you can use it even with an automatic transmission license.

Vehicle type

Gross vehicle weight License required
Vantec ZIL 3,330kg Regular driver’s license (total weight less than 3.5t)
SAKURA made by Japan Special Body Co., Ltd. 3,900kg Semi-medium driver’s license (total weight less than 7.5t)

Please be careful if you have obtained a driver’s license after March 12, 2017 due to the revision of the driver’s license classification. For details, please refer to Metropolitan Police Department homepage ..