Precautions for use

Here are some things to keep in mind so that everyone can enjoy and use it comfortably.

  1. All of our vehicles are non-smoking.
  2. Pets can be carried on some vehicles. Please refer to “About pet riding” as we have established rules for riding.
  3. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are limited to customers who are 23 years of age or older. In addition, we will give priority to family reservations.
  4. Campers are different in size from the ones you usually drive, and have different visibility and driving sensations. Please be careful about inner ring difference and tunnel. Also, be especially careful as the vehicle height is high and the roof may be rubbed.
  5. Excessive speed can cause an accident. One of the real pleasures of a camper is that you can relax and enjoy your trip without being restricted by time. Unlike ordinary cars, it is not a car that demands speed. Due to the weight of the vehicle, the camper has a long braking distance. Keep a sufficient distance between vehicles and avoid overtaking. Be careful not to drive aside in the scenery of your destination.
  6. Holding a mobile phone or smartphone in your hand while driving and making calls or emails is extremely dangerous and subject to penalties. Stop in a safe place before using.
  7. Please be careful about parking violations. Even if you have a great trip, if you are cracked down, your happy memories will be halved. Illegal parking can cause accidents and traffic jams, so please be careful about where you park.
  8. When the confirmation mark of the abandoned vehicle is attached during the rental use
    • The person responsible for managing the vehicle on loan is the customer himself / herself.
    • Please appear at the police listed on the confirmation mark
    • Please pay the prescribed procedure and penalties
    • Please return the rental car after processing the violation. When returning the rental car, we will check the “documents received by the police” and “receipt”.
  9. If you do not handle the violation
    If you do not handle the violation by the time you return it, you will be charged a parking violation fee of 25,000 yen. If we are unable to handle the violation or pay the parking violation fee, we will notify the police and refuse to rent a car in the future.
  10. If the vehicle is damaged or soiled, it will be necessary to settle the actual cost of restoring the current situation. In the unlikely event of an accident, in addition to paying the insurance exemption, we may charge a non-operation charge (compensation for leave of absence) specified by us. For details, please check the details of compensation.
  11. Prohibited matter
    • Smoking in the car
    • Pet ride(Excluding some vehicles
    • Use of oil and strong odors when cooking in the car
    • Unlicensed driving
    • Drunk driving
    • Unauthorized extension of the borrowing period
    • Responsibility for use and management
    • Unauthorized talk at the time of the accident
    • Other acts that violate the precautions listed in laws and regulations and loan agreements