About pet riding

If you are traveling with a pet, you will need to give advance notice at the time of application.
Put your pet in a cage and lay an antifouling sheet (leisure sheet, etc.) under the cage.

Pet riding rules

Target petDogs and cats only
Pet sizeGauge size:Generally large enough to fit in( 70cm×90cm×75cm)cage. Weight: under 10kg
Passenger camperSAKURA rear bed model made by Japan Special Body Co., Ltd.
AMITY rear entrance made by AtoZ
AMITY Two-stage bet car1 made by AtoZ
CRESSON Evolite 4WD diesel made by Nuts
Conditions for boarding (Customers are required)1.Please let us know when you apply for “Pet riding”.
2.When riding, keep your pet in a cage within 70 cm x 90 cm x 75 cm. (Cage is prepared by the customer)
3.Place the cage on the floor inside the car.
4.Place an antifouling sheet (leisure sheet, etc.) under the cage. (Sheet is prepared by the customer)
5.Please check the contents of the “Consent Form” in advance.
If you are unable to comply with 1 to 5 above, please refrain from riding with your pet.
Non-operation charge (NOC) supportIf the vehicle needs to be repaired due to significant odor, stain, damage, etc. You will be required to pay a non-operation charge (NOC).

※However, assistance dogs (nursing dogs, guide dogs, etc.) are not subject to the above rules (individual support).
※Please sign the consent form at the time of lending.<Click here to check the consent form