AMITY Rear Two-stage bet made by AtoZ No.1,No.2,No.3

“Amity” is the No. 1 compact cab con class in Japan.
Despite its compact size of 4,690 mm in total length, the flagship model that can seat 6 people and sleep 6 people is available.
With a bunk bed at the rear, it has made it possible to have a sleeping capacity comparable to that of a full-size cabcon.
It is also equipped with a wall-mounted air conditioner that can be used by supplying external power while the vehicle is stopped, making it a model that can be used comfortably regardless of the season.
(* The photo shows car 1.* Car 3 can only be delivered at the Higashisumida base.)

Price classification1day
Return at 12:00
Return at 15:00
Return at 18:00
Season price24,000yen+6,000yen+12,000yen+18,000yen
High season rates28,000yen+7,000yen+14,000yen+21,000yen
The original carMazda Bongo Truck
Shift / Fuel / DriveAT/gasoline/2WD
Width of Vehicle1,950mm
Riding capacity6people
Model year2018year~2020year
Engine displacement1,798cc
Length of Vehicle4,690mm
Height of Vehicle2,770mm
Sleeping capacity6人
Vehicle total weight2,390kg(普通免許)


Enough space for adults to stand and move. The rear bunk bed is permanently installed, so setting at bedtime is easy.

Despite its compact size, it can seat 6 people and sleep 6 people. (The photo shows car 1. The interior color of car 2 is different.)


When the bed is unfolded, it becomes one with the bunk bed and a large sleeping space can be secured.


A bed of 1900 x 1280 mm just by unfolding the seat and inserting the submat (the photo is car 1)

Interior / exterior
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Check the vehicle with a video

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Equipment details

ETCGas stove (cassette stove)Side awning
8-inch tablet using navigation (free wifi)Running chargeInterior curtain
sinkFF heaterTerrestrial digital TV
(No.2 400A lithium)
(No.1,No.3 105A x 2)
Ceiling ventilation fanAir conditioner for household windows (can be used when an external power supply is connected)
Water tank (10ℓ)49 liter refrigerator (12V)Microwave oven (can be used when connected to an external power supply)
Drainage tank (10ℓ)