SAKURA2 Rear bunk bed model made by Japan Special Body Co., Ltd.

Only the best can exceed the best! A new model of Sakura, a domestic cabcon (truck-based) camper that has received a lot of attention in the industry, is already available! !! It is the only vehicle in Japan that can demonstrate the performance of the camper-specific chassis “Bikamu”, which has undergone a design change exclusively for camper vehicles. The amazing electric capacity of 4 sub-batteries and 5 solar panels is a masterpiece.

Price classification1day
Return at 12:00
Return at 15:00
Return at 18:00
Season price38,000円+9,500円+19,000円+28,500円
High season price44,000円+11,000円+22,000円+33,000円
※This model requires a “quasi-medium-sized license” or higher depending on the gross vehicle weight. You cannot drive with an ordinary license (less than 3.5t).
The original carIsuzu Bikamu 1.5t
Shift / Fuel / DriveAT/diesel/2WD
Width of Vehicle2,140mm
Riding capacity6 people
Model year2021year
Engine displacement3,000cc
Length of Vehicle5,230mm
Height of Vehicle3,000mm
Sleeping capacity6 people
Vehicle total weight4,410kg(Semi-medium size)


Chassis for camper van “Bikamu”

“Bikamu” developed by Isuzu Motors as a chassis for camper vans. This is the only model currently adopted. The best ride quality in the industry! The “Bikamu” is a specially designed suspension that provides unrivaled ride quality and outstanding driving stability.


Home air conditioner available

SAKURAⅡ is equipped with 4 amazing sub-batteries, making the best use of the load-bearing performance of “Bikamu”! The sub-battery alone enables long-term operation of home air conditioners. Five solar panels are mounted on the roof! It has sufficient performance for replenishing electric power. It is a model that can be done because it is a dedicated body that can withstand the load.

Interior / exterior
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Check the vehicle with a video

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Equipment details

ETCLiving terrestrial digital TV + DVD / Blu-ray playback deckHard disk navigation
Back monitorSide awningFF heater
Large sink65L refrigeratorIndoor LED lighting
Solar panel (5 sheets)microwave100V external power supply
Large capacity sub-batteryRunning chargeRearview mirror with built-in rearview mirror
Shimizu tank(20L)Drainage tank(20L)