Higashi-sumida(RV Park Tokyo / Higashi Sumida


At the Sumida Yahiro base, you can rent “Amity Rear Entrance / Rear Two-stage bet. 1 and 3″, “Mini Pop Bee” and “Watercress Evo Light Diesel“.

Rental place

1-2-14 Higashisumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Google map 
※It will be rented at RV Park Tokyo / Higashi Sumida. (The Yahiro base was relocated in May 2020)


For car navigation search, please search by [1-2-14 Higashisumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo].
About a 15-minute walk from Keisei Hikifune Station / Tobu-Kameido Line “Omurai Station”.

※You will be asked to stop your car (one regular car) in place of the rental camper.

However, please note that we are not responsible for the management of vehicles such as theft of parked vehicles and accidents.


About a 15-minute walk from “Omurai Station” on the Keisei Hikifune Station / Tobu-Kameido Line.

We do not provide vehicle delivery service from Higashi Sumida base

Customers who are considering a vehicle delivery service can use it within a radius of 10 km from the Nerima main store.

For details, please check the precautions for use and contact us in advance.