Guarantee contents

Our rental camper has the following insurance.

Personal compensationUnlimited per person
Objective compensationUnlimited per accident (deductible amount 100,000 yen)
Vehicle compensationVehicle market price (deductible amount 100,000 yen)
Personal injury30 million yen

In the unlikely event that you have a vehicle problem while traveling, you can receive road service from an insurance company. (Service content depends on insurance company regulations)
Vehicle compensation does not apply to equipment such as side awnings. If the equipment is damaged or malfunctions due to the customer’s carelessness, the customer will be responsible for all repair costs.

Example of non-payment of insurance

If any of the following cases apply, you will be responsible for the full amount.

  • If you do not report the accident to the police (if you do not have an accident certificate)
  • Accidents caused by driving by someone other than the one who requested at the time of departure
  • Accident due to unlicensed driving
  • Accident due to drunk driving
  • Accident when the borrowing period is delayed without permission
  • When the customer is responsible for use and management If you make a talk without permission
  • When there is a violation of other matters listed in the loan agreement


Burden of non-operation charge

In the unlikely event that an accident, theft, breakdown, stain, etc. occurs and the vehicle needs to be repaired or cleaned, the following amount will be borne as business compensation during that period.

When the vehicle is returned to our shop (self-propelled)20,000yen
Others (other than the above)50,000yen

If the suspension period is 2 days or more due to repair etc., in addition to the above amount, as a suspension compensation fee
Number of closed days (up to 30 days) x 10,000 yen

Customer’s burden in case of emergency

Customer’s burden in case of emergency
Insurance deductible amount + damage amount exceeding compensation amount + NOC (non-operation charge) + forwarding expenses
Please drive safely so that there are no accidents.