How many people can be used at one time?

“Riding capacity” and “sleeping capacity” differ depending on the vehicle type. We recommend that the number of people actually riding is less than the capacity.

Vehicle type Riding capacity Sleeping capacity
Vantec ZIL 10 people 10 people
SAKURA made by Japan Special Body Co., Ltd. 8 people 6 people
Kato Motor Co., Ltd. DD CREW 7 people 5 people + 1 child
Nuts MIRAGE 7 people 6 people
Nuts CRESSON 7 people 6 people
Nuts CRESSON 4WD diesel 7 people 6 people
AtoZ AMITY rear entrance 8 people 4 people
AtoZ AMITY rear bunk bed 6 people 6 people
AtoZ ALEN 6 people 2 people + 3 children
MYS Mystic Mini POP Bee 4 people 4 people

The above is the capacity setting by the manufacturer.

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