ZIL made by VANTEC

A camper made by Vantec, which can be said to be synonymous with domestic cabcon (truck-based) campers.
It will be a model packed with technology and know-how unique to the top cumulative sales volume. Although it has a large capacity of 8 passengers and 6 sleeping passengers, it has a length of 499 cm and a width of 212 cm, and is easy to use because it can be parked in the same parking lot as a regular car. It creates a comfortable trip unique to a camper.

バンテック社製 ZIL(ジル)
Price classification1day
Return at 12:00
Return at 15:00
Return at 18:00
Season price22,000yen+5,500yen+11,000yen+16,500yen
High season rates26,000yen+6,500yen+13,000yen+19,500yen
The original carToyota Road
Shift / Fuel / DriveAT/gasoline/2WD
Width of Vehicle2,120mm
Riding capacity8 people
Model year2004year(2021 Interior renewal)
Engine displacement2,000cc
Length of Vehicle4,990mm
Height of Vehicle2,930mm
Sleeping capacity6 poeple
Vehicle total weight3,330kg(Ordinary license)


Spacious living space

With double acrylic windows on both sides, you can enjoy a wonderful view while driving from a bright room.
The ceiling height is about 190 cm, which gives a feeling of liberation, and you can create a fun time around the central table.


Equivalent to queen size
Bet space

By expanding the living space with a bed, it quickly changes to a bed space of about 185 cm x 179 cm.
It is large enough for 2 adults and 2 small children to take a rest.

Interior / exterior
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Equipment details

ETCLiving TV / DVD playbackPortable navigation
Back monitorSide awningWebasto FF heater
SinkCassette stove (without cylinder)Refrigerator (can be used when connected to an external power supply)
toiletRunning charge100V external power supply
Sub-battery (2)Drainage tankCycle carrier (2 units)
Water tank(20ℓ)Home air conditioner (external power supply connection)