About credit
card payment

Credit card payment can be used with the external service “PayPal”.

 「What is paypal?」
PayPal is a convenient [Digital Osaifu] on the Internet. If you register your credit card information with PayPal, you can complete the payment with just your ID and password. You can pay more safely without giving your store important card information. Opening a PayPal account is as easy as selecting PayPal as the payment method and entering the required information.

Flow of credit card payment

STEP 01 At the time of application
Please use the application form to apply for a camper rental. Please enter “Credit card payment request” in the contact information field of the form.

※If there is no request for credit card payment, the procedure will be by bank transfer.
STEP 02 Receive billing email
After application, after notification of “temporary reservation reception” from our company A billing email will be sent from PayPal with the subject “Invoice from Ixie Resort Co., Ltd.” Please check the content of the email.
STEP 03 Payment procedure
Please check the billing details from “Invoice and Payment” in the email, and if there are no mistakes, enter the necessary information and complete the payment procedure. Payment requires an account registration with PayPal. After completing the procedure, PayPal will send you a payment completion notification email.
STEP 04 Information on the completion of procedures
After completing the credit card payment procedure, we will notify you by email that your reservation has been completed.

Precautions when using credit card payment
・ For credit card payment, the full amount of the usage fee will be billed in a lump sum. It is not possible to use only part of the usage fee. ・ Regarding cancellation of camper rental after credit card payment is completed, our company’s cancellation policy will be separately stipulated as follows. ・ Please complete the procedure within the payment deadline stated on the invoice. The payment deadline is 10 days after the invoice is issued.

After credit card payment
About cancellation

The following cancellation policy will be applied to cancellation of camper rental after credit card payment.

Cancellation charge(credit card payment)

Whole period5% of total payment
14 to 3 days before the rental date30% of total payment
2 days before the rental date to the day55% of total payment
In case of non-contact cancellation100% of total payment

Refunds will be made by transferring the amount obtained by deducting the above percentage from the payment amount to the bank account specified by the customer.